MIFARE Plus® S 2K Card (MF1P(H)x1y1)

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MIFARE Plus® S 2K Card,
MF1P(H)x1y1, MIFARE Plus EV1
Migrate classic contactless smart card systems to the next security level with the next evolution of the proven MIFARE Plus product family. MIFARE Plus EV1 brings benchmark security and additional features to mainstream contactless smart card applications. It is the only mainstream IC compatible with MIFARE Classic EV1 1K (MF1S50yyX/V1), MIFARE Classic EV1 4K (MF1S70yyX/V1) and the MIFARE Plus EV0 product family (MF1PLUSx0y1 and MF1SPLUSx0y1) which offers a seamless upgrade path for existing infrastructure and services. MIFARE Plus EV1 enables system operators to selectively upgrade security relevant applications. The ability to operate non-security relevant applications on existing CRYPTO1 infrastructure minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) for the whole infrastructure eco-system. After switching to Security Level 3, MIFARE Plus EV1 uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) based on open global standards for cryptographic methods for authentication, data integrity protection and data encryption. Variants with EEPROM sizes up to 4K cater for the growing number of contactless applications and thus growing memory needs. This support empowers system operators to add future applications as needed while relying on an established product standard. The use of the MIFARE Application Directory (MAD) simplifies the future on-boarding of new applications on a MIFARE Plus EV1. AES for data encryption and integrity protection is also used for the secure end-to-end channel communication capabilities of MIFARE Plus EV1. This new evolution allows system operators to remotely manage card content over-the-air, even for Crypto1 operated applications.

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