MIFARE Plus X 4K Card


Part Number: MF1PLUSx0y1
MIFARE X Plus®  4k Card Migrate contactless smart card systems to the next security level. - MIFARE Plus brings your existing system up to benchmark. AES security with Common Criteria Certification EAL4+. After personalization. MIFARE Plus uses its “backward compatible mode” to behave like MIFARE Classic. giving you enough time to make your existing system AES ready.  MIFARE Plus X 4K The basic version of MIFARE Plus is available in two options, serving different security needs. The latest evolution of MIFARE Plus, the field proven-proven “MIFARE Classic AES-128 security upgrade product”, includes an expanded feature set that enables over-the-air services and selective upgrades of security-relevant applications. MIFARE Plus EV1 offers enhanced features on the highest security level – scalable – flexible – future proof.

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