NXP UCODE SL3S1203_1213 Tags

NXP UCODE SL3S1203_1213 Tags, Labels, Card     NXP’s UCODE G2iL series transponder ICs offer leading-edge read range and support industry-first features such as a Tag Tamper Alarm, Data Transfer, Digital Switch, and advanced privacy-protection modes. Very high chip sensitivity (18 dBm) enables longer read ranges with simple, single-port antenna designs. When connected to a power supply, the READ as well as the WRITE range can be boosted to a sensitivity of 27 dBm. In fashion and retail the UCODE G2iL series improve read rates and provide for theft deterrence. For consumer electronics the UCODE G2iL series is suited for device configuration, activation, production control, and PCB tagging. In authentication applications the transponders can be used to protect brands and guard against counterfeiting. They can also be used to tag containers, electronic vehicles, airline baggage, and more. In addition to the EPC specifications the G2iL offers an integrated Product Status Flag (PSF) feature and read protection of the memory content. On top of the G2iL features the G2iL+ offers an integrated tag tamper alarm, RF field detection, digital switch, external supply mode, read range reduction and data transfer mode.  

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