NXP SL3S1214 UCODE RFID Tags, Labels, Card

SL3S1214 UCODE 7m is a derivative of the UCODE 7 and offers on top of the UCODE 7 features a 32-bit User Memory. NXP’s UCODE 7m IC is the leading-edge EPC Gen2 RFID chip that offers best-in-class performance and features for use in the most demanding RFID tagging applications. Particularly well suited for inventory management application, like e.g Retail and Fashion, with its leading edge RF performance for any given form factor, UCODE 7m enables long read distance and fast inventory of dense RFID tag population. With its broadband design, it offers the possibility to manufacture true global RFID label with best-in-class performance over worldwide regulations. The device also provides an automatic self pre-serialization feature for 96-bit EPC, following the industry aligned Multi Vendor Chip-based serialization scheme, and a Parallel encoding feature. For applications where the same 58-bit Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) needs to be encoded on multiple tags, at the same time, a combination of both features improves and simplifies the tag initialization process. On top UCODE 7m offers a Tag Power Indicator for RFID tag initialization optimization and a Product Status Flag for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) application.

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